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Harrows darts

Unicorn Softip Smartboard

Normaalihinta 119,90 €
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta 119,90 €
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Now, we introduce the revolutionary new Unicorn Smartboard, the world’s first app-enabled auto-scoring dartboard. With instant scoring, made possible by the amazing Unicorn Scorebuddy app.  You can play 6 exciting games suitable for all ability levels. Either social or professional, it’s darts re-invented to be fun for everyone!

With Bluetooth LE connectivity, the Unicorn Smartboard instantly transmits the score of every dart to the Scorebudy app on your mobile device or tablet. Included in the Scorebuddy app is the ability to auto-score 6 different game modes, ranging from the traditional 01 games to ‘Around The World’.

The ability to play with up to 12 players in doubles, or 6 in singles, means that the Unicorn Smartboard is suitable for all abilities. You can also face the ultimate test in challenging the Scorebuddy Robot to a game-type of your choosing. 

The Smartboard comes complete with 6 soft-tipped darts, although any soft-tipped darts are compatible, and is also fully portable with no mains connection required. Our Oche Mate measuring tape is also supplied to correctly measure board height and oche standing position. Just insert 3 x AA batteries (not included with Smartboard) and you are ready to go!