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Unicorn Eclipse Ultra (with Unilock) kilpataulu

Normaalihinta 104,90 €
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta 104,90 €
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Huippuluokan taulu-uutuus Unicornilta! Alla tarkempi tuotekuvaus englanniksi:

The new Eclipse ULTRA Dartboard is the latest in cutting-edge technology from the World's most famous Dartboard and Darts manufacturer. Unicorn dartboards are the only boards approved by the Professional Darts Corporation.

The Eclipse ULTRA Dartboard has been specifically engineered to maximise your darting experience thanks to a range of new features designed to improve scoring and durability.

The ULTRA board has two state of the art features designed to maximise scoring and reduce rejected darts in critical areas thanks to the ULTRA Spider which is 33% less embedded in the doubles and trebles. The new ULTRA Bullseye also has a 33% less embedded Bullseye and strategic orientation for higher 50/25 hit ratio.

The new ULTRA Sisal features upgraded processing and finishing for improved recovery and durability so your board lasts longer and looks better.

The new ULTRA-Vis number ring provides additional clarity and focus, particularly when using a Unicorn Lighting Surround.

  • ULTRA Sisal
  • ULTRA Spider
  • ULTRA Bullseye
  • ULTRA-Vis Number Ring
  • Championship quality bristle dartboard
  • Tournament regulation segments
  • Used in all PDC televised tournaments until 2022
  • Staple-free construction
  • Includes Unilock levelling system
  • Ultra-slim wire with no external legs