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Harrows darts

Unicorn darts jalusta

Normaalihinta 119,90 €
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta 119,90 €
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The Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand is the perfect portable stand for any darts player!

The robust construction allows for great stability meaning that your board will not wobble when impacted with a dart, nor will the stand move thanks to the perfectly balanced legs. The stand itself allows you to play darts without having to fix a bracket to a wall and folds away in seconds, making it the perfect at-home solution.

The Unicorn Tri Stand is fully portable, allowing you to move the stand wherever it needs to be and is designed to work in tandem with Unicorn Surrounds (not included).

  • Robust construction for great stability
  • Fully Portable and folds in seconds
  • Dartboard and surround not included