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Harrows Supergrip black edition 90% Tungsten dartstikat

Normaalihinta 52,90 €
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta 52,90 €
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Supergrip black edition 90 % Tungsten dartstikat ovat Harrowsin kevään 2024 uutuus! Niitä on saatavilla 22g, 23g, 24g ja 25 grammaisina. Rungon pituudet ovat 22g 6,8mm, 23g 6,9mm, 24g 7,4mm ja 25g 7,4mm. Tikoissa on mustat Supergrip midi varret sekä uudet 100 mikronin Supergrip black edition sulat.


The much loved Supergrip 90% tungsten dart has been given a striking new look.
Although all the dart specifications remain the same as the original, the barrel has a durable black titanium nitride coating.

The barrel is front loaded and features a distinctive combination of ring grips along the entire length. The grip level on these darts is very high, perfect for consistent finger placement and release.

• Premium 90% tungsten
• Precisely machined ring grips
• Front loaded barrel
• Black titanium nitride coating

Supergrip 90% Black Edition darts are supplied with Black Supergrip midi shafts, new 100 micron Supergrip Black Edition flights and are match weighed to +/- 0.05g.